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Random Drinking Ep 08 - Fifteen 01:15:36
We drink & we watch funny videos! Live every Wednesday 9pm Est.
DocTales Ep 10 - Unicorn Sex 53:51
DocTales is a weekly story time adventure sometimes with guests being interviewed. Whenever Est.
IQMZ Tech: DJI Mavic Pro 1:22
Drone powerhouse DJI has launched a new, compact drone that is sure to change the way high-quality YouTubers get those impossible shots.
IQMZ Sports Ep 08 - The Regress 1:18:27
Sports Talk with out the hype. Every Monday night 9:30Est.

What is up party people!

I often wonder how many people actually read these descriptions! If you are taking the time – tweet me or shoot me an email so I can thank you for taking the time!

I’ve found my way back to the internet! I’m excited to create content again. If you have ever seen me on any show the one thing I am is REAL and PASSIONATE about whatever I have to say. So if it’s tech or worldly events I do my best not to sugar coat things.

When you support me here you are getting 4 versions of me for the price of 1! So know that I understand times are hard and your $ and time is valuable! I appreciate anything you can contribute. If you don’t have any extra cash to spare.. that is cool.. just do me a favor and share any content that moves/interests you that I create!

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I also hope to be making my own channel with some super friends bringing in great content!