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Porsche stepped up it advertising ahead of the launch of their all-electric Taycan, having driver Shea Holbrook take the sports car from 0 to 90 and back to 0 on the flight deck of the USS Hornet, covering just under 223 meters.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had his Twitter account hijacked by a group calling themselves Chuckling Squad. The attack was done using a “SIM Swap” attack where the user’s phone number is swapped to another device which can then be used to intercept a two-factor authentication SMS. This is essentially a carrier-level hack, and Jack Dorsey was just one of several such attacks on the AT&T network in recent weeks.

Dan Patterson of Tech Republic published an edited interview with Charity Wright, if that is her real name, on the inner workings of the Russian Dark Web, cybercrime, and the status of security around the world.

A story from BuzzFeed News broke down the relationship of Amazon and it’s last-mile delivery contractors. The report cites injuries, gross negligence, under- and unpaid wages, and even deaths resulting in service…all separated from Amazon by its contracting practices.

Sales reports from Mindfactory, one of the largest computer hardware retailers in Germany, show AMD’s 3rd generation Ryzen processors vastly outselling Intel’s latest chip about 3 to 1 with an overall 4 to 1 in processors in general. AMD has been outselling Intel for the past year with July and August’s market share jumping significantly with the release of these 3rd gen chips. Is Intel’s dominance finally over?

A new deepfake app called Zao has hit the streets in China. The app will place your face over an actors face in several movie clips using just a single photo of your face. While it clearly has it’s limitations, the app can only use pre-designated movie clips for example, it is definitely a sign that deepfake processing is getting better, faster, and more worrisome…and doing so very quickly.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is due in stores September 20th.

Anthony Levandowski has been indicted for stealing trade secrets from Google and giving them to Uber.

Manny Pacquiao is planning to launch the “Pac” cryptocurrency based in merchandise.

Google abandons the dessert names with the launch of Android 10.

Kerf is a wooden case for your oh-so-precious Apple Card to prevent scratches and discoloration.