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YouTube announce Thursday that they were changing the way channels were awarded ‘verified’ status, including removing the status from all channels that didn’t meet their new standards. The outcry was immediate and on Friday YouTube reversed their position almost entirely, except now they will verify a channel’s authenticity before granting them the verified status. Seems like that’s something they should already have been doing, right?

iOS 13 has finally arrived and the reviews are in. I’ll summarize The Verge here: no slowdown, dark mode is great, the Photos app is more usable, the volume bar is fantastic, Apple Maps is improved, and the Reminders app is more useful.

Tech pioneers in Silicon Valley are turning to digital therapy to help them with life’s woes; new, app-based platforms are popping up to connect people to their perfect therapist, log their moods, and in some cases provide therapy through the app itself. This has brought in a whole new slew of privacy concerns and data mining, all without direct legal privacy laws to protect consumers. Another tech fad or genuine next-level wave of the future?

Twitter is changing the way users interact with replies by allowing the original poster to ‘hide’ them. The replies will still be visible to viewers if they so choose, but will remain hidden from view if the reader wants to follow the discussion as the original poster intended. Will this tame my Twitter feed or simply strengthen the my bubble?

Google is bringing new features to its Chrome browser; tab name previews, improved skinning for easy identification, a ‘stacking’ feature that allows you to group tabs together on Android devices, and the ability to send tabs to another device running the Chrome browser. All these seem obvious but it’s nice to see Google bringing new ‘features’ to its 77th iteration of Chrome.

ZD Net: Microsoft has launched a new 44-part series called Python for Beginners on YouTube, consisting of three- to four-minute lessons from two self-described geeks at Microsoft who love programming and teaching.

FactCheck.org: President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized energy-efficient lightbulbs, saying that the bulbs people are “being forced to use” are more expensive, contain hazardous gases and give off light that’s “not as good” as incandescents. Experts, however, say that’s an outdated and inaccurate description of the current technology.

TechCrunch: Netflix has just scored a major content deal that could help it stem the loss of subscribers as competition among streamers heats up. The company announced it has acquired the global streaming rights to the popular sitcom “Seinfeld,” which will bring all 180 episodes of the Emmy winner to Netflix subscribers starting in 2021.

TechCrunch: “Friends” is getting some new neighbors at HBO Max. The streaming service from AT&T’s Warner Media has signed a big deal, reportedly worth over $1 billion, for the exclusive streaming and syndication rights for “The Big Bang Theory” over the next five years.

Forbes: After its stock market debut two years ago floundered, Snapchat has made a strong comeback: Its shares have risen nearly 200% in 2019, outpacing the broader market and easily eclipsing the rest of its peers in the technology sector.