Chinese researcher He Jiankui claims claims he has modified the DNA of twin girls in an effort to make them resistant to the AIDS virus.

The U.S. government tried to force Facebook to add a backdoor to its Messenger app so the feds could listen in on an encrypted, real-time voice call between suspected MS-13 gang members.

Google has been tracking the location of phones without user consent.

A 2011 class-action lawsuit claims that Apple has violated federal antitrust laws by requiring developers pay Apple a 30% commission on all sales through the App Store.

Amazon sold over 100 million products on Cyber Monday making the the biggest sales day in the company’s history.

YouTube is changing it’s premium content strategy once again.

Owen JJ Stone aka @OhDoctah and Anthony Lemos aka @ethancaine.

Google released a policy letter promising “more transparency”, “better care and support.”

Chrome 71 will give site owners a 30-day grace period to clean up their act if they are reported for abusive ads.

Amazon has finally chosen it’s location for “HQ2”, its second US Headquarters.

Amazon employees sent an open letter urging the company not to sell the software to law or border enforcement agencies.

Microsoft President Brad Smith spoke about the need for regulation of facial recognition software.

Samsung mythological ‘folding screen phone’ is real!

Owen JJ Stone aka @OhDoctah and Anthony Lemos aka @ethancaine.

People are getting their hands on the new Mac mini and MacBook Air models announced last week.

The new iPad Pro is showing significant upgrade, with Geekbench score nearly double those of the original iPad Pro and rivaling the 2018 MacBook Pro i7s.

Apple will stop announcing iPhone sales numbers, resorting to revenue-only reporting.

Google employees walked out this week in a world-wide protest against Google’s treatment of women and lack of accountability for sexual harassment claims.

A Pew Research report indicates Americans are changing their Facebook usage en masse.

Business Insider ran a pair of fake ads on Facebook for days before being taken down.

Owen JJ Stone aka @OhDoctah and Anthony Lemos aka @ethancaine.