New Chrome new problems! Should Facebook be ripped apart? Twitter was the last social line of defense for Alex Jones…. but nothing lasts forever! If you could smoke weed with anyone who would it be? Elon Musk is HIGH on my list… I don’t smoke weed so I assume it would end terrible!




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Kicking the tires on a new old podcast… IQMZ TECH is back! This episode is mostly about cell phones…New Note 9 is released and some leaked Apple phone images hit the web! We have a hard time picking between the 2 new Mavic Pros. Are you a dog person or an Aibo person? You have to choose sides!



The most important thing is to be involved with your kid as much as possible and know what they are into. Ask questions sit down and watch what they are watching. Even if you think it’s dumb showing interest is important.

Leiyah joins me this episode and we talk about how we use content as teaching lessons.



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Here is a list og the gear I use to broadcast and get my work done.

Laptop – Hp Spectre –

Sparko Cam –


Canon 80d –

Power for DSLR –

50 mil lens – cheaper option

Tripod –


Phantom power –

Mike stand –

Monitors 24′ cheap – Samsung 28′ 4k

Sound bar –

Stream deck –

Elgato game capture hd60 s – 





IQMZ Sports: Season 2, Episode 8

Power Rankings
Sports illustrated predicted Astros in 2014
Joe Thomas hurt
Martavis Bryant
Justin Timberlake super bowl
Suns issues
Ben Simmons Triple Double
Fultz injury

IQMZ Sports: Season 2, Episode 7

Vice President walks out of game
Miami coach incriminating video
Jerry Jones warns players about protests
Embiid extension
Jemele hill suspension
Giants WR woes
JJ watt injury
Steelers issues
Espn Power Rankings
AP traded
Mike Ditka on Kneeling

Great interview with Fr. Robert Ballecer. We get to find out how he grew up and bought and sold his first company. Listing to how he came to find his calling and how he gets to do all of the things he loves!

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Ohdoctah and Jason are going into the pick em hall of fame! Let’s talk sports.


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Power Rankings
Cowherd rips Philadelphia
Lavar takes Lamelo out of school
Westbrook largest contract in NBA history
NBA revamps all star game
can the cavs win the chip
Titans sign Weedon
Chargers attendance issues