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Russell vs Young Beef: http://es.pn/25vtN5g

WNBA Rim: http://nyti.ms/1Q3qpTH

Coach Lebron: http://bit.ly/1S5MK7B

Germany Black Face: http://huff.to/25zqryc

RG3 & Browns: http://bit.ly/1ZOoObU


It’s story telling time! I’m just spending the time telling you what others told me this week. If you are in a relationship how do you handle or split up the money? I heard some things this week that opened my eyes for how things can go wrong sometimes.


It doesn’t matter what happens if the Donald becomes Rome will burn… I plan on going back to sleep lol wake me if things go sideways.

Fun Times with Tom and Brian on CordKillers.
Is Sling TV a success? Why ESPN is lying to you. The FCC wants to save the past.

People often have a hard time seeing both sides of a story. I take a lil time of my day to defend some of the things we hate in the world right now! Enjoy the show it starts with a bang.. I defend Hitler??


The tech behind Lady Gaga’s Grammy’s performance, self-parking chairs, Apple’s ongoing battle with the FBI, Facebook Messenger is getting ads, and more on today’s TechDoc!

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Story Source(s):

Omote Living Makeup with Projection Mapping

Nissan’s self-parking robot chairs tidy up offices

Senator drafting bill to criminalize Apple’s refusal to aid decryption

Google CEO Sundar Pichai backs Tim Cook over Apple-FBI controversy

Google Launches Fresh-Grocery Deliveries

Facebook Plans To Put Ads In Messenger

Video Source(s):

Brisbane BMW Series 3 Launch

Lady Gaga + Intel Performance

Explore Your Dual World – Human Face Video Mapping

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Alex Lindsay, Jason Hiner, Owen JJ Stone

Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Jason Hiner and Owen J.J. Stone get together to talk about Google Self Driving Cars, Twitter’s future, Apple’s Error 53, Rocky 1-7 and more..


We drink we talk .. it’s random.. Follow our guests on Twitter https://twitter.com/iambananna (Anna) and https://twitter.com/acedtect (Tom Merrit)

This episode, Justin Robert Young joins Owen JJ Stone and Tony to talk about a ridiculous amount of topics including Dave Chappelle, being on television and more.