IQMZ Sports: Season 2, Episode 8

Power Rankings
Sports illustrated predicted Astros in 2014
Joe Thomas hurt
Martavis Bryant
Justin Timberlake super bowl
Suns issues
Ben Simmons Triple Double
Fultz injury

IQMZ Sports: Season 2, Episode 7

Vice President walks out of game
Miami coach incriminating video
Jerry Jones warns players about protests
Embiid extension
Jemele hill suspension
Giants WR woes
JJ watt injury
Steelers issues
Espn Power Rankings
AP traded
Mike Ditka on Kneeling

Ohdoctah and Jason are going into the pick em hall of fame! Let’s talk sports.


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Power Rankings
Cowherd rips Philadelphia
Lavar takes Lamelo out of school
Westbrook largest contract in NBA history
NBA revamps all star game
can the cavs win the chip
Titans sign Weedon
Chargers attendance issues

The week in sports round up!

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NFL players want month dedicated to social activism
Trump criticizes anthem protests
Embiid not cleared for 5on5
Charles Barkley rips NBA Players
Dwade buyout
Melo traded to OKC
NCAA bribery scandal
Power rankings

Ohdoctah & Jason go over the week in sports….

Over Use of Wentz and the Eagles non running game
Gates All Time TD record by a TE
End of the era 4 Giants
Cowboys Elliot Quits
Crazy bleacher report NFL rankings
Kyrie didn’t care if Lebron was mad
Kevin Durant Twitter mistake SOFT

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Ohdoctah & Jason go over the week in sports….

Texas A&M coaches received racists hate mail
Vegas police want NFL to investigate Michael Bennet
Tony Romo broadcast debut
Mcnabb on Wentz
Kobe #8 and #24 retired
Lonzo Ball ahead of Melo

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Digging in for the start of the NFL! Pick with us join the team

Andrew Luck will not play week 1
Ezekiel Elliot suspension upheld..for now
Notable NFL cuts
Tanking in the NFL
Cleveland unions say they’ll refuse to hold flag at Browns’ opening game
Clev Bos trade finally done
Ball Family vs NCAA
Houston Rockets sold
D Rose crying over fans in China
Joel Embiied Extension

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Mayweather vs McGregor – Cleveland & Boston trade, NFL preseason is it to long? We also do our picks for the NFL season over all…. and the math is fishy!

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Every Monday at 10pm EST Ohdoctah and Jason are talking sports. Tune into
This week with a guest @JamesSeltzer from WIP and Bleeding Green Nation.


Sixers trade for the Number 1 pick in the draft.

Trusting the process might actually work?

Trade rumors.. who do the Cavs need?

GSW are champs again but is it a legit ring for KD?

What is a Super Team? LBJ has never been on a Super Team.

Eagles season is there pressure?

Thoughts on Peters and Doug?

Mayweather vs Magregor


Every Monday at 10pm EST Ohdoctah and Jason are talking sports. Tune into
This week with a guest Rashan Reeves aka @babyblack77 co host of Momentum Shift.

0:00 NCAA MENS BB Championship
8:05 Womens Ucon Loss
22:00 Westbrook MVP? Locked up?
26:30 Should wins matter in MVP?
29:30 KD IS back – GSW front runners for the chip?
33:30 Cavs in the club after a loss
36:50 The Masters Ratings
40:40 NFL Draft in Philly “the draft experience”
44:20 Tony Romo tv personality?
47:40 Dez Bryant Educating black folk