New Chrome new problems! Should Facebook be ripped apart? Twitter was the last social line of defense for Alex Jones…. but nothing lasts forever! If you could smoke weed with anyone who would it be? Elon Musk is HIGH on my list… I don’t smoke weed so I assume it would end terrible!




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Kicking the tires on a new old podcast… IQMZ TECH is back! This episode is mostly about cell phones…New Note 9 is released and some leaked Apple phone images hit the web! We have a hard time picking between the 2 new Mavic Pros. Are you a dog person or an Aibo person? You have to choose sides!





Here is a list og the gear I use to broadcast and get my work done.

Laptop – Hp Spectre –

Sparko Cam –


Canon 80d –

Power for DSLR –

50 mil lens – cheaper option

Tripod –


Phantom power –

Mike stand –

Monitors 24′ cheap – Samsung 28′ 4k

Sound bar –

Stream deck –

Elgato game capture hd60 s – 





Let’s see how much complaining I can do in apples three minute ad…shale we?

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Drone industry leader DJI has unveiled a new, compact drone that is no bigger than a milk carton and capable of capturing 4k footage while flying at a range of 4.3 miles.

This drone, priced just under $1,000 can live stream at up to 1080p and stay in the air for up to 27 minutes.

It folds for easy travel, too!

Perhaps one of the coolest features about this little drone is its accident avoidance system. It detects when it is about to collide with something and brings itself to a very abrupt mid-air stop. This is a big deal as collisions are one of the most common and costly risks with drone flying.

You can purchase the DJI Mavic Pro on DJI’s website. Current shipment estimates are set for mid-October.

Apple release the new version of its popular mobile OS, iOS 10. For the first hour, the update rendered the devices it was installed on inoperable until the user plugged the phone in to a system with iTunes, installed the update again, and reinstalled it on the device.

For many users, this meant finding a system with iTunes they could use to bring their device back to life. For others, it meant a trip to their local Apple Store.

Apple announced its upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus phones set for release on September 16th. This new version of the iPhone features a new camera system, updated storage capacities, and no headphone jack.

Facebook is making a change to its ranking algorithm and clickbait headlines are in its crosshairs. What do you think of the new change?

In today’s IQMZ Tech we talk about Microsoft releasing the HoloLens Developer Edition at a surprisingly high price of $3,000.

The HoloLens is an augmented reality headset that enables you to overlay graphics on a physical environment. Unlike virtual reality headsets, the HoloLens enhances the real world rather than replaces it.