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Canon is finally trying to make sports photographers’ jobs easier…with the CR-S700R a robotic system that will allow 1D X Mark II and III users remote capture pictures from multiple cameras via computer. This is bound to piss off all the NFL photogs that have been using workarounds for years.

For all the gamers out there…and other video professionals, I guess…Elgato announces their upcoming 4K60 S + video capture card that, as the name suggests, with capture 4K video at 60 FPS and with zero-lag passthrough. Additionally, the 4K60 S + will allow saving video to an internal SD card while running without a computer and connected to a dedicated power source.

Sony showed off the vision-S concept car. It’s a driverless electric car with 33 sensors inside and out that will not only gather information about traffic and road conditions but will also be able to recognized people in the car to customize the riding experience.

XDA-Developers released what they claim to be photos of the upcoming Galaxy S20+ 5G. The sleek black design shows what appears to be 4, count ’em, FOUR cameras on the back joined by a possible directional microphone for better sound while recording videos.

Wi-Fi 6 is finally making to the mainstream with several products shown off at CES with release dates and reasonable prices. TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, Lenovo, Asus, and Samsung were all party to the dropping prices and better availability…and of course, it’s already in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro that I refused to buy last year.

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Show Stories:

Dji Mavic Mini

Revenge porn is a tactic of abuse. Katie Hill’s case makes that clear.

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Exclusive: Google owner Alphabet in bid to buy Fitbit
A week-long iOS App Store bug wiped out over 20M ratings

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Show Stories:

Amazon is Changing the Returns Game, Without Consumers Even Noticing
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USB-C Has Finally Come Into Its Own

Apple engineer explains how the incredibly useful Security Code AutoFill feature came to be

The Japanese investment firm SoftBank is preparing a package that would save WeWork’s parent company, We Co., from imminent bankruptcy.

After scathing reports by BuzzFeed News and ProPublica, Amazon is cancelling contracts with 3 regional delivery companies whose operations have resulted in deaths of drivers or civilians as a result of their outrageous demands for performance.

The popular online game Fortnite went down yesterday leaving players who were able to log in with just a visualization of a black hole to stare at.

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency took a major hit on Friday when Visa, Mastercard, and Stripe all left the project ahead of today’s Libra Council meeting.

Forbes writer Ewan Spence shared an article describing the decline of the MacBook Pro detailing how it used to be the most powerful laptop on the market and is now seen by Apple as an extension of the iPhone family. I agree and it’s one of the reasons I will never get rid of my mid-2012 MacBook Pro retina. How do you see it, Owen?

October 11th has been designated by the UN as International Day of the Girl, and with the Gates Foundation reporting that “No matter where you are born, your life will be harder if you are born a girl”, many travel companies are stepping up their efforts to reduce the gender gap, especially in how it relates to STEM opportunities.

Facebook Horizon is set to release in 2020. This is an effort by Facebook to bring an “ExtraLife” type experience to its Oculus Quest and Rift platforms, allowing users to create an avatar, join VR communities, play games and who knows what else.

Tech Crunch’s Jon Evans posted an article summarizing Facebooks latest push into VR and where he thinks it’s headed…if it’s headed anywhere at all.

Amazon released a bevy of new products last week, from Echo Dots with integrated digital clocks to the new Echo Flex, a miniature accessory that essentially stays at the power plug and has optional add-on modules providing motion sensing or nightlight capability.

Police in Germany have shut down a web service provider specializing in illicit online activities. The Dutch operator was using a former NATO bunker as a base of operations for the “Bulletproof” web hosting service.

Fox Sports is broadcasting Thursday Night Football games in 4K/HDR this season…except it isn’t. It really just 1080p video with enhanced coloration upconverted to 4K.

The story of WeWork, a shared office space leasing company, is an interesting study in how not to do business. Dakin Campbell of Business Insider wrote a long, but very detailed report on the history of the company and how it went from a $47B valuation to almost bankrupt in a matter of just a few weeks.

5 for 5

TECH CRUNCH | Dropbox announced that the “new Dropbox” would be rolling out to all users. It takes the simple, shared folders that Dropbox is known for and turns them into what the company calls “Spaces” — little mini collaboration hubs for your team, complete with comment streams, AI for highlighting files you might need mid-meeting, and integrations into things like Slack, Trello and G Suite.

9TO5MAC | Developer and hacker Axi0mX recently shared a new exploit called “checkm8” that offers the possibility to jailbreak almost every Apple A-series CPU up to A11 Bionic chip. Today, the developer has posted a video that shows an iPhone X (which runs on A11 chip) booting up in verbose mode — something that is only possible with more profound modifications to the core of the system.

FORBES | If you’re in the market for a Google Home Mini smart speaker, your lucky day may be on its way. Google Is Randomly Giving Away Even More Free Google Home Mini Speakers.

9TO5MAC | Fans of augmented reality gaming will soon have yet another option on iOS. Back in May, Microsoft teased that it was working on an AR version of Minecraft dubbed Minecraft Earth for iOS, and now we know the app will begin its rollout as soon as next month.

The SmartCan, an attachment for your trashcan, is under development by Resi and it automates taking the trashcan to the curb.

YouTube announce Thursday that they were changing the way channels were awarded ‘verified’ status, including removing the status from all channels that didn’t meet their new standards. The outcry was immediate and on Friday YouTube reversed their position almost entirely, except now they will verify a channel’s authenticity before granting them the verified status. Seems like that’s something they should already have been doing, right?

iOS 13 has finally arrived and the reviews are in. I’ll summarize The Verge here: no slowdown, dark mode is great, the Photos app is more usable, the volume bar is fantastic, Apple Maps is improved, and the Reminders app is more useful.

Tech pioneers in Silicon Valley are turning to digital therapy to help them with life’s woes; new, app-based platforms are popping up to connect people to their perfect therapist, log their moods, and in some cases provide therapy through the app itself. This has brought in a whole new slew of privacy concerns and data mining, all without direct legal privacy laws to protect consumers. Another tech fad or genuine next-level wave of the future?

Twitter is changing the way users interact with replies by allowing the original poster to ‘hide’ them. The replies will still be visible to viewers if they so choose, but will remain hidden from view if the reader wants to follow the discussion as the original poster intended. Will this tame my Twitter feed or simply strengthen the my bubble?

Google is bringing new features to its Chrome browser; tab name previews, improved skinning for easy identification, a ‘stacking’ feature that allows you to group tabs together on Android devices, and the ability to send tabs to another device running the Chrome browser. All these seem obvious but it’s nice to see Google bringing new ‘features’ to its 77th iteration of Chrome.

ZD Net: Microsoft has launched a new 44-part series called Python for Beginners on YouTube, consisting of three- to four-minute lessons from two self-described geeks at Microsoft who love programming and teaching. President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized energy-efficient lightbulbs, saying that the bulbs people are “being forced to use” are more expensive, contain hazardous gases and give off light that’s “not as good” as incandescents. Experts, however, say that’s an outdated and inaccurate description of the current technology.

TechCrunch: Netflix has just scored a major content deal that could help it stem the loss of subscribers as competition among streamers heats up. The company announced it has acquired the global streaming rights to the popular sitcom “Seinfeld,” which will bring all 180 episodes of the Emmy winner to Netflix subscribers starting in 2021.

TechCrunch: “Friends” is getting some new neighbors at HBO Max. The streaming service from AT&T’s Warner Media has signed a big deal, reportedly worth over $1 billion, for the exclusive streaming and syndication rights for “The Big Bang Theory” over the next five years.

Forbes: After its stock market debut two years ago floundered, Snapchat has made a strong comeback: Its shares have risen nearly 200% in 2019, outpacing the broader market and easily eclipsing the rest of its peers in the technology sector.

Apple updated their iPhone line up at last week’s event titled “By innovation only”. Announced were the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, along with the Apple Watch Series 5.

Adobe announced a new “Auto Reframe” effect in Premiere Pro that makes it much easier to change aspect ratios while editing video. Powered by Adobe Sensei, their AI engine, Auto Reframe will intelligently crop video to the preferred aspect ratio keeping the subject in the frame and scaling text overlays automatically.

Google’s Pixel 4 XL is receiving the Apple iPhone treatment in that pictures of the as-yet-unannounced phone are leaking constantly. Three cameras, dual flash, and edge-to-edge screen can be seen in the photos. Still no word from Google on when it will be announced or released.

Continuing with the phone rumors, the OnePlus 7T is rumored to unveiled on Oct 15th. All indications is that this will be an incremental upgrade to the OnePlus 7 Pro series.

Discord, the chat and forum style application aimed at gamers, has decided to phase games out of their Nitro subscription service on Oct 15th. They are offering refunds to players who will not be using the subscription service without the gaming. For those willing to stay on board, Discord is planning to improve other aspects, such as upping the upload file size limit to 100MB.

In an article titled “Would the Internet Be Healthier Without ‘Like’ Accounts”, Wired questions the value of the algorithmically charged pursuit of ‘likes’ and other instant feedback methods on social media.

Last week, Google’s Threat Analysis Group reported on an iPhone exploit that affected all versions of iOS 10 to 12. The exploit, which allowed for the extraction of passwords and personal data, was reportedly corrected by Apple within about a week. Now, according to the website The Verge, there seems to a spin war between Apple and Google on just how impactful the exploit was or could have been.
The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia released a statement that there are “clinical similarities” in many cases that have hospitalized e-cigarette users, including three people that have died. While there has been no conclusionary findings, the CDC and FDA are working closely together on the cases and have analyzed as many as 120 samples from different states in relation to the sudden rash of illnesses.
Facebook Dating has arrived in the US. Owen, is this more or Tinder?
Samsung is attempting to launch its Galaxy Fold after a five month delay. The 7.3 inch folding phone was originally scheduled to in the spring but review units sent to media outlets experienced so many screen issues that Samsung pulled the launch and offered refunds for pre-orders. The $2000 phone is now available for pre-order once again.
Amazon announced a soundbar, a new FireTV Cube, and new FireTV editions for the UK and Germany. Bumped up specs, “local voice control”, and OLED screens…is Amazon going to eventually brand my entire house?
Apple will be holding their annual September press event tomorrow and among the expected announcements are three new iPhones, an updated Apple Watch with sleep tracking, and a release date for the forthcoming Apple TV+ service.
Apple will be live-streaming its event tomorrow on YouTube for the first time.
The Beto O’Rourke campaign is demanding that Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms remove disinformation after an alleged link between Beto and the Odessa shooter went viral last weekend.
The Department of Justice has requested Apple and Google release a list of users of the Obsidian 4 app, used for live streaming and calibrating gun scopes.
Papua New Guinea is one of many countries with minimal power grids seeing an uptick in personal solar devices used to charge cell phones.
Boston played host to a Straight Pride parade over Labor Day weekend…and was quickly slammed on Twitter as the “oppressed majority” was heavily overshadowed by the 3-to-1 ratio of counter-protesters present.

Porsche stepped up it advertising ahead of the launch of their all-electric Taycan, having driver Shea Holbrook take the sports car from 0 to 90 and back to 0 on the flight deck of the USS Hornet, covering just under 223 meters.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had his Twitter account hijacked by a group calling themselves Chuckling Squad. The attack was done using a “SIM Swap” attack where the user’s phone number is swapped to another device which can then be used to intercept a two-factor authentication SMS. This is essentially a carrier-level hack, and Jack Dorsey was just one of several such attacks on the AT&T network in recent weeks.

Dan Patterson of Tech Republic published an edited interview with Charity Wright, if that is her real name, on the inner workings of the Russian Dark Web, cybercrime, and the status of security around the world.

A story from BuzzFeed News broke down the relationship of Amazon and it’s last-mile delivery contractors. The report cites injuries, gross negligence, under- and unpaid wages, and even deaths resulting in service…all separated from Amazon by its contracting practices.

Sales reports from Mindfactory, one of the largest computer hardware retailers in Germany, show AMD’s 3rd generation Ryzen processors vastly outselling Intel’s latest chip about 3 to 1 with an overall 4 to 1 in processors in general. AMD has been outselling Intel for the past year with July and August’s market share jumping significantly with the release of these 3rd gen chips. Is Intel’s dominance finally over?

A new deepfake app called Zao has hit the streets in China. The app will place your face over an actors face in several movie clips using just a single photo of your face. While it clearly has it’s limitations, the app can only use pre-designated movie clips for example, it is definitely a sign that deepfake processing is getting better, faster, and more worrisome…and doing so very quickly.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is due in stores September 20th.

Anthony Levandowski has been indicted for stealing trade secrets from Google and giving them to Uber.

Manny Pacquiao is planning to launch the “Pac” cryptocurrency based in merchandise.

Google abandons the dessert names with the launch of Android 10.

Kerf is a wooden case for your oh-so-precious Apple Card to prevent scratches and discoloration.

I used to read people futures in a former life. That is the reason I’ve been prepping my kid for active shooters since she was about 5. It sounds weird that being said it sounded worse years ago. Now my friends and family think I’m a visionary. The little things matter and I hope more people stat to put stuff in the back of their minds. Something as simple as choosing seats at the movies. I personally don’t think its sad.. I think its preparation and give me a simple peace of mind!