Light talk about Avengers End Game with SPOILERS. We also talk about depression lightly. Later on we will dive deep into it. But sometimes it’s important to dip your toe in the water with important topics. I use movies to talk about all kinds of topics and Thor was all Leiyah could think about walking out of EndGame. Leiyah is currently having a hard time with something we are aware of it and the cause behind it. This sadness is not depression but its also something I keep an eye on.

How do you deal with sadness or depression?

I took Leiyah on a road trip to visit some friends we haven’t seen in a while! We had a great drive up and back together. Spending time with good people and some outdoor activities is always a good thing! We also talk about go bags and survival. Be warned Leiyah is a SAVAGE!

Talking to the kid about her having a bad day at a wrestling match. We talk about that moment and how I/we handled it. Some tough love for sure.

Making sure we never get to low and bounce back from mistakes.

Talking about punishment I received as a child and what Leiyah currently goes thru as far as punishment. I learned a lot from how I was punished as a child. Leiyah learned the same lessons much faster than I did. I have no issue with spanking children. Of course there is a limit and line that shouldn’t be crossed. Lucky for me.. I only had to do it one time with my child.

VentureBeat story details some scary figures about Interet-connected devices and the inherent security flaws they present.

Google arrived at CES ready to take on Amazon’s Voice Services.

Hyundai’s Elevate vehicle is a concept car wherein each of the four tires are attached to “legs” that can extend.

Apple made a CES appearance of sorts this year.

A Promobot V4 was struck by a Tesla Model S on January 6th…and both machines were in autonomous mode.

Quartz gives us a write up summarizing who “won” CES…no one.

RAZRv4 Concept video.

Google are partnering with WordPress developer Automattic on a new news publishing platform.

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, is now heading up X2 Games.

WIRED’s Kate O’neill wrote up an interesting article about Facebook’s “10-year Challenge”.

Netflix is raising prices again.

The number of American families getting their TV over the air has climbed 50% between May of 2010 and May of 2018.

Hosted by Owen JJ Stone aka @OhDoctah and Anthony Lemos aka @ethancaine.

A letter from Apple CEO Tim Cook revised Apple’s Q1’19 revenue projections for the quarter ending in December.

Netflix found a way to circumvent Apple’s 30% commission on subscriptions initiated through the iOS app.

Google’s subsidary Wing has begun delivery services in Autralia, delivering consumer products and delivery food by drone.

Amazon announced they shipped more items in 2018 than any previous year.

Mark Zuckerberg posted a long essay on all the changes Facebook has gone through in the past year.

You’d have to pay the average Faebook user more than $1,000 to deactivate their account for one year.

Hosted by Owen JJ Stone aka @OhDoctah and Anthony Lemos aka @ethancaine.

Chinese researcher He Jiankui claims claims he has modified the DNA of twin girls in an effort to make them resistant to the AIDS virus.

The U.S. government tried to force Facebook to add a backdoor to its Messenger app so the feds could listen in on an encrypted, real-time voice call between suspected MS-13 gang members.

Google has been tracking the location of phones without user consent.

A 2011 class-action lawsuit claims that Apple has violated federal antitrust laws by requiring developers pay Apple a 30% commission on all sales through the App Store.

Amazon sold over 100 million products on Cyber Monday making the the biggest sales day in the company’s history.

YouTube is changing it’s premium content strategy once again.

Owen JJ Stone aka @OhDoctah and Anthony Lemos aka @ethancaine.

Google released a policy letter promising “more transparency”, “better care and support.”

Chrome 71 will give site owners a 30-day grace period to clean up their act if they are reported for abusive ads.

Amazon has finally chosen it’s location for “HQ2”, its second US Headquarters.

Amazon employees sent an open letter urging the company not to sell the software to law or border enforcement agencies.

Microsoft President Brad Smith spoke about the need for regulation of facial recognition software.

Samsung mythological ‘folding screen phone’ is real!

Owen JJ Stone aka @OhDoctah and Anthony Lemos aka @ethancaine.

People are getting their hands on the new Mac mini and MacBook Air models announced last week.

The new iPad Pro is showing significant upgrade, with Geekbench score nearly double those of the original iPad Pro and rivaling the 2018 MacBook Pro i7s.

Apple will stop announcing iPhone sales numbers, resorting to revenue-only reporting.

Google employees walked out this week in a world-wide protest against Google’s treatment of women and lack of accountability for sexual harassment claims.

A Pew Research report indicates Americans are changing their Facebook usage en masse.

Business Insider ran a pair of fake ads on Facebook for days before being taken down.

Owen JJ Stone aka @OhDoctah and Anthony Lemos aka @ethancaine.

Facebook is being sued by a group of plaintiffs alleging fraud pertaining to the view count of videos played on Facebook’s site and various apps.

Speaking of fakes on Facebook, Facebook product manager Antonia Woodford published a blog post entitled “The Hunt for False News”.

Now entering the Twitterverse, we have the story of Washington Post Jamal Khashoggi’s death this week at the Saudi Consulate in Turkey.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is speaking out against a Bloomberg report that Apple was the target of a hardware-based attack by the Chinese government.

Google plus is officially dead, to some folks’ relief…including Morgan Knutson who actually worked on it for 8 months.

Finally, we close this week with the passing of Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and Seattle sports team owner Paul Allen. The 65 year old died Monday from complications of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.